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Clinere Products Are Made Entirely in America!

Clinere Ear Cleaners Are Made Entirely in America!

Since the beginning, we wanted Clinere Ear Cleaners and any future product we create to be purely “American Made”. From the materials used to create our products to the store shelf, Clinere products are Made Entirely in America by Americans. Our headquarters are in Mundelein, Illinois. Contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding our Clinere Ear Cleaners.

Clinere Ear Cleaners are Safe and Effective for Your Entire Family.

Clinere Ear Cleaners Were Invented to Help People Safely Clean Their Ears

The Clinere Ear Cleaner was invented and developed in the USA to help people, like my Father, who wanted to safely and effectively remove earwax from their ears. My Father used a variety of scary metal and plastic objects to do that. Clinere Ear Cleaners are made from flexible plastic and have two special ends: the SCOOP END and the FIN END. Plus, our ear cleaners are excellent ear itch relievers! Try Clinere Ear Cleaners. You will not be disappointed, because they really work!  – Rick Olson, Inventor of Clinere Ear Cleaners