Why we made Clinere™ Ear Cleaners

Demonstration of the softness of the Clinere ear cleanerClinere 10ct FrontThe most widely used tool for personal ear cleaning is the cotton swab. Generally, cotton swabs smear wax, dirt and debris back into the ear creating more of a dam than a clean ear. The performance of a cotton swab is similar to this; a bucket of ice cream has remnants of ice cream lining the sides of the container. Using a cotton swab is like trying to scoop that ice cream out of the container with the round end of a baseball bat. Though the bat would likely have ice cream residue on it after an attempt, it would obviously not be the best option. Since the shape of the baseball bat is like that of a cotton swab, it can be seen why the swab does not provide adequate ear cleaning.

Cleaning with cotton swabs can also be deceiving. Cotton swab users feel rewarded when looking at the earwax found on the cotton swab, and thus believe that they have successfully cleaned their ear. Unfortunately, the cotton swab has only smeared the wax, dirt and debris deeper into the ear.

Cleaning the entrance area to the ear canal helps support the ears naturally occurring ear canal migration of wax and debris from within the ear. Clinere™ Ear Cleaners help scoop, scrape and extract the wax from this area, resulting in effective ear cleaning.


Who makes Clinere™ Ear Cleaners

Demonstrating the flexibility of the Clinere ear cleaner
Clinere™ Ear Cleaners were designed and developed by a son who repeatedly watched his father use foreign objects to clean his ears. Realizing his father needed a better alternative to perform this task, he invented the Clinere™ Ear Cleaner. Though his father never lived to see his son’s invention, his son credits his father with the original concept. Rick Olson, president of Clinere Products, Inc., invented and currently manufactures Clinere™ Ear Cleaners entirely in the United States.

Clinere Products, Inc., creator and manufacturer of Clinere™ Ear Cleaners, is based in Mundelein, Ill., with manufacturing contributors from McHenry, Ill., Cary, Ill., Huntley, Ill. and Wadsworth, Ohio. In addition, business and legal associates are from Chicago, Ill. and surrounding suburbs, Indianapolis, Ind. and Wisconsin.


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Directions and warnings for using Clinere Ear Cleaners as an alternative to cotton swabs