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Clinere Fin End Cleans, Exfoliates and Provides Ear Itch Relief

Clinere Ear Cleaners Fin End

The Clinere Ear Cleaner is the Newest Innovation

in Ear Cleaning Since the 1920's Cotton Swab.




Removes Wax • Itch Relief • Exfoliates • Reusable

Clinere Scoop End

Removes Earwax, Dirt and Debris

Scoop End of Clinere Ear Cleaner

Clinere Ear Cleaners…Ear Cleaners That Really Work!

Removes Wax • Itch Relief • Exfoliates • Reusable


Each Clinere Ear Cleaner is a patented, flexible ear cleaning tool designed specifically to safely and effectively remove earwax, dirt, and debris out of ears. They are similar to a physician's ear cleaning tool but designed to be more flexible for use by consumers. Unfortunately, many people still use cotton swabs to clean their ears. Because of the rounded shape of cotton swab ends, earwax can be pushed back INTO the ear canal. With Clinere Ear Cleaners, earwax can be scooped out, helping to avoid earwax blockage and infection.

Clinere Ear Cleaners have two different ends: the SCOOP END and the FIN END. The SCOOP END gently scoops out earwax and debris from the entrance of the ear canal and the outer surfaces of the ear. The Clinere Ear Cleaners SCOOP is specifically designed to remove earwax out of ears, instead of pushing the earwax back into the ear canal.

The opposite FIN END has layers of fins that can be used to gently scrape earwax and debris from the folds and outer surfaces of the ear. The fin end is also an easy-to-use itch relief tool. 

When used correctly, Clinere Ear Cleaners can be used for your entire family, including your pets. Please see our Ear Cleaning Page for instructions and warnings.

Clinere Ear Cleaners are sold in stores: 10 count and 2 count packages. All Clinere products can be purchased at http://www.myqueststore.com/. Please see our Where To Buy Page to see Clinere Ear Cleaners retailers or online buying options.