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Testimonials From Clinere Ear Cleaners Consumers

I am so relieved that there is a product out there for ears. My daughter has struggled for years with excessive wax during the allergy season. This product is the only one that has helped so far. Thank you!! ~ Dawn from Boise, Idaho

I'm writing to tell you how much our family appreciates your Clinere ear cleaners. We have a 26 year old daughter who has Down syndrome. As with most individuals with DS, her ear canals are smaller than average, making it very difficult to keep her ears clean. The ability eliminate the ear wax is vital, not only for hygiene purposes, but also to preclude any diminution of her hearing. Using this product has greatly enhanced her quality of life. Thank you. ~ Mary from Weaverville, North Carolina

I just wanted to take a second and tell you how much I love your product! I had seen them on the store shelf and thought, why not give them a go. Why not, indeed!

I have psoriasis and get plaque in my ear canals. It is not only itchy and painful, but the skin gets caught in my ear wax and blocks the canal, cutting my hearing.

Before finding your product, I was using peroxide and water at least once a month in order to reduce the size of the wax enough to get it out of my ear.

Since using Clinere, for the past three years or so, I have not had to use peroxide once for my ears! Between the scoop and the exfoliating end, my ears are always clean and I don't have anymore problems with the psoriasis blocking my ears.

This is one of those letters I've written in my head a billion times, but this time I  knew I had to take the time and let you know that your product has changed my life. It is so nice not to worry about not being able to hear what people are saying because my ears are plugged up, and not to have to worry about what that peroxide was doing to my ears. Again, thank you so much for your product. ~ Shannon

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Removes Wax • Itch Relief • Exfoliates • Reusable

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Removes Wax • Itch Relief • Exfoliates • Reusable